Our company has extensive experience in the transport of acids, and we can offer appropriate transport for dangerous goods, qualified personnel and drivers with an ADR certificate. Nitric acid (HN03) is a strong organic monobasic acid that decomposes when heated and illuminated. It is well soluble in water. It is toxic in contact with the skin and has caustic vapors. It belongs to the 8th class of hazard (ADR). Transportation of nitric acid has the status of dangerous transportation, which is regulated by certain rules. Transportation of concentrated nitric acid is carried out in tanks and tank containers made of aluminum. Delivery of nitric acid in containers and packaging is possible with tented vehicles in containers made of stainless steel, plastic and glass of various capacities. All tanks must be filled, leaving about 10% of the volume free, due to the expansion of the liquid when heated. All containers must have appropriate hazard signs and markings.

When transporting nitric acid over 3000 liters, the liquid becomes a high-risk cargo.