Transportation of caustic soda is the transportation of caustic soda or the delivery of sodium hydroxide, the most common and most caustic alkali. It is a solid state of white crystals with the feature to absorb moisture from the air. It dissolves well in a liquid with the release of heat.


UN No. 1824. Transportation of sodium hydroxide is required for many sectors of industries and for domestic use. Participates in the production of: paper products, cardboard products, fiberboard soap, shampoos, washing liquids, because it perfectly dissolves fats neutralizes acids, toxic substances in the air, is a catalyst for chemical reactions The delivery of caustic soda is associated with the risk of harming this caustic alkali to organic surfaces in the event of contact and, according to ADR, is the transport of dangerous goods of hazard class 8 subclass - alkali. Transportation of caustic is strictly regulated by the rules of delivery of the exhaust gas. In the liquid state, caustic soda is transported in tank trucks, and in the solid state, it is packed in bags and transported by tented vehicles.

Despite the high degree of toxicity of this substance, we can transport caustic soda to any point of our vast homeland. The maximum degree of safety in the transportation of caustic soda is achieved by our transport company due to qualified personnel and technically serviceable transport for the transportation of dangerous goods.