Many sectors of the national economy require methanol, i.e., methyl alcohol. Our transport company carries out transportation of methanol by road for the needs of many enterprises. According to the definition of ADR, the transport of methyl alcohol refers to dangerous transport and is the delivery of goods of the 3rd class of hazard with Un No. 1230 and II packing group, which is regulated by the relevant rules for the transit of dangerous substances. Transportation of methanol in the amount of more than 3000 liters in one container requires a special permit.


A good alternative to rail transportation of methyl alcohol is the transportation of methanol by tanks or tank containers. To identify the transport of alcohol, such tanks are marked with hazard signs and markings, and they themselves are orange in color and with an appropriate inscription. Delivery of methanol is possible not only in bulk, but also packaged in containers. For this movement, boarded and tented vehicles are used. When loading, it is necessary to carefully check the tightness of the container and packaging and carefully monitor the placement of the cargo in the body.