UN 1789

Hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid is a hydrosol of hydrogen chloride HCI, which is a sharply smelling liquid of hydrogen chloride. The highest content of HCI is approximately 36 percent and its density is 1.18 g / cm3. Concentrated hydrochloric acid, when interacting with oxygen, actively "hovers" due to the fact that HCI in the form of gas forms finely dispersed acid droplets with water vapor.
Hydrochloric acid is fire-and explosion-proof. It belongs to the strongest and most caustic acids, therefore, according to ADR, it belongs to the 8th class of hazard.
It oxidizes almost all metals with formation of H and metal salts. In contact with the skin or mucosa, it causes severe burns, and its vapors negatively affect the respiratory tract. It is neutralized with an alkaline solution or a large amount of water.
Hydrochloric acid is used in the production of metal salts, acetic acid, glue, hydrotreating of various containers and wells, in the processing of animal skins, in the metallurgical industry.


The transport of hydrochloric acid refers to the transport of dangerous goods and is subject to the relevant regulations. Transportation of hydrochloric acid by road is mandatory in rubberized tanks and tank containers. In containers, the acid can be delivered by tented vehicles and our company can transport hydrochloric acid in glass vessels, plastic containers or rubberized metal containers of various volumes. All containers are specially marked and have hazard signs. Transportation of hydrochloric acid with a volume of more than 3000 liters is the transportation of a particularly dangerous goods.
We have accumulated a fair amount of experience in the transport of acids and can guarantee the transport of hydrochloric acid by road as safely as possible for others, due to the fact that we have technically sound transport for the transport of dangerous goods and professional drivers who have received the ADR certificate.