Dear partners! It is necessary to take a very careful approach in choosing the company that will carry out the transportation of acids, whether it is the transportation of acid by tanker, or the transportation of acids in packaging.


The delivery of acids is classified under ADR as transport of the 8th class of hazard and is regulated by the rules for the transport of dangerous goods. Transportation of acid by road, in an amount of more than 3000 liters, is the transportation of particularly dangerous cargo (for some types of strong acids), and the transportation of acids packed in containers in any quantity is considered normal transportation of dangerous cargo.


Transportation of acids is a rather labor-intensive process and requires careful compliance with safety standards, since any emergency situation when transporting acid by road can lead to disastrous consequences. Our team consists of only highly qualified specialists and drivers. All our acid transport vehicles are technically sound and equipped in accordance with the requirements, as well as have the necessary hazard signs and markings.

The speed of a road train with acid is strictly regulated. Special requirements apply to the preparation of the route for the transportation of acid, as it is necessary to avoid driving through places of recreation, crowded places, industrial facilities, etc. The transport company “Turkmen Ak Yol” carries out the transportation of acids in tanks, as well as in tented and boarded vehicles , if the acid is packed in cans, ips-containers, barrels and other containers.