Acetone is an organic liquid without color, but with a sharp smell, the name of which comes from the Latin - vinegar. It is easily mixed with various liquids, water and esters. Acetone is the basis for the production of a large number of chemicals substances such as acetic anhydride, diacetone alcohol, etc. Technical acetone is used as a solvent in the manufacture of lacquers, oils, resins, explosive materials, medicines, and as a degreaser or cleaner for surfaces.

It belongs to the highly flammable liquids of the 3rd class of hazard, according to ADR it has the UN No. 1090 F1 packing group 2. It is quite low toxic, but the penetration of acetone vapors into the body in large quantities can lead to intoxication or damage to the mucous membranes and pulmonary edema.


It is considered the transportation of dangerous goods and is determined by the rules of transportation of exhaust gas. Delivery of acetone is carried out by road, the type of which depends on the packaging of the product. If it is packed in containers such as barrels, canisters or bottles, then you can use boarded or tented vehicles to transport acetone. Transportation of acetone by tanks is required for the bulk method of loading, that is, in bulk. Regardless of the method of delivery of acetone, all transport vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods must be marked accordingly.

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